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Politicians Control

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11/22/2015 3:31:59 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
I think people underestimate how much politicians plan to alter the opinion of people. Does anyone have an idea of how much psychology goes into the appearance and actions of people running for President? I think it's all strategically planned years in advance. What might seem as something that would hurt a politician often ends up helping them.

I honestly think Donald Trump has a daily schedule of each insult he is going to give and it's strategically planned. I wonder if Hillary Clinton purposely created a problem over her emails to bring popularity to her name. I feel that she had an equal status to Jeb Bush last year but the email controversy brought her attention. And Because Jeb hasn't been involved with anything big, he's low in the polls.

And so many people call different politicians idiots with no plans but in fact I believe they have genius plans.