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How We Talk About Politics

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11/28/2015 3:53:23 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
This post will discuss the conversational differences between DDO and the general population.

We talk about politics differently than most of America and the world, in general. When I say "we" I am referring specifically to those on DDO, as a group, in general terms, distinct from the rest of the vast majority of voters. That' a good thing, in that there is a level of sophistication that is generally higher here than there is elsewhere, and especially in the general population.

But what most precisely distinguishes us from, say, the public at large is the presence of other influences on our thinking: it's not just parents, friends, and colleagues who influence us. We influence each other, and many of us bring the perspective of what we've learned in various levels of schooling to the table. That makes the discussion, more or less, a more engaging one to have due to the diversity of those perspectives.

By "diversity" I am not referring to anything we per se "tried" to accomplish, so much as something that simply "happened" in the sense that because in general we are a welcoming environment, with an acceptable level of conflict, which *at present* has both an acceptable level of agreement and conflict. This creates the kinds of conditions where people are at once free to speak their minds, and not pressured to "conform."

People are not pressured to conform because, in general, of the forum's general anonymity, but extant culture of plurality. But we didn't get here by aiming for diversity. We got here because we all made friends with each other, and even though we periodically disagree (and sometimes even strongly disagree) the way we talk about politics is both more civil and productive, and also both less acrimonious and "soundbite driven." So, we are categorically distinguishable from, say, the vast majority of cable news networks.

Things are going pretty well, and will continue to go well, to the extent that we continue to do what we're doing.