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Open Letter to David Cameron Syrian Holocaust

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12/5/2015 7:46:00 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Angela Kerrigan, 30, from Kilmarnock, posted a picture of her daughter, Erin Rose, with a note saying: "This is my beautiful daughter. She is almost three years old. I"m sitting tonight watching you debate the prospect of bombing Syria.

"You claim that it is to protect every man woman and child in this country from extremist. I"d just like to correct you. You are an extremist. What she needs is to be protected from you."

In anger, she wrote: "Extremists are everywhere, your intelligence tells you this, yet you insist on concentrating your military action on one country.

"One country with hundreds of thousands of innocents. Innocent men, women and children, just like us."

Also addressing Jeremy Corbyn in the post, Angelo says: "You have been upstaged by your very own shadow foreign secretary, who received a standing ovation for his warmongering. You have failed to lead your party."

She says going to war to prevent war is ridiculous, and that she is completely against the decision.

"Dropping bombs on children just like mine, from 34,000ft offers us zero protection.

"Britain has been on severe risk/red alert since August. And yet the first time I have been scared is tonight. Watching you offer up hugely reactionary and extreme solutions to protect us from Daesh."
Afraid for the safety of her daughter, and saddened by the idea of parents and grandparents in Syria who may be awaiting the actions of our country, she writes: "This war is in your name sir! Their blood will be on your hands. I cry for them.

"What you have done is guaranteed that my daughter, Erin Rose, will grow up to see the new generation of extremists you will have created with your military action. It"s history repeating itself. It"s a never ending war.

Not in her name."

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12/5/2015 2:40:12 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I know those are her words, but I personally disagree on Corbyn. He made some *very* valid arguments, outlining exactly why bombing Syria would be futile and not effective in the long-term. Sadly for him, large fractions of the Labour party still remain Conservatized--thus it's not his fault that he was ultimately ignored and undermined by his own party.

In addition, objectively, he was doing the right (and technically democratic) thing by allowing his members a 'free vote'. What's unfortunate is the propaganda and outcome surrounding it.
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