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Dear Liberals. ISIS wants you dead. yes, you.

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12/7/2015 10:24:32 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
The doinking around the truth is obnoxious and sick. The attacks in California were tertorism. Don't csre if Barack Obam(George Soros) said it's not. That makes no sense. The female declared her devotion to ISIS right before the attack. That's terrorism. Period. The guy addressed Egypt with an Arabic greeting. He took Muslim prayer in the whitehouse. He apologizes for Islam no matter what the evil is, yet he doesn't do it for any other group. He hired Muslims into positions of power and associates with the Muslim Brotherhood. He took Islamic classes in Indonesia. Not America. In his book that he wrote in his younger years,he talked about his disgust with America and white people in particular. He spoke of his bitterness in being a "mixed black" trying to conform into society. The book is filled with disgust, rage, and bitterness towards American society.

Next, his followers rebuttled his back scratching of Islam(as Americans got more and more pissed off), by saying he didn't want to enrage ISIS so it was simply politics. Yet common sense says that if you were only practicing politics by speaking in "nonthreatening ways about Islam", you wouldn't bring thousands of refugees into your country if you thought ISIS was bad or a threat while they are bragging about infiltrating Syrian refugees and sneaking into the country as refugees themselves. It's become madness. Just stop it. It's okay to jump off the Liberal ship for a minute and take a minute to see if you might be wrong. If I'm wrong, it's no harm to anyone. If Liberals are wrong, it's about to get bad.