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Ban all Trumps and guys with bad hair

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12/10/2015 6:06:42 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Clearly we have seen the damage that one Trump can do, we need to ask ourselves are there more out there ? is the risk to high to just allow any Trump and guys with bad hair to run around to do more damage.

Look I think we live in dangerous times and we are going to have to make some tough decisions in the name of national security.

I know your going to be told but this Trump is an extremist and doesn't represent the views of all Trumps or guys with bad hair, but how many trumps are out there ? how many guys with bad hair share his views ? we don't have those answers and until we do we are going to have to take some precautions.

I hereby declare under the national security guns & Jesus are awesome f*ck yeah American patriot act act the following...........

1) All people with the last name Trump and or guys with bad hair shall we put on the Trump/bad hair list.

2) Security agencies shall watch those people on the list

3) No person on the list shall be able to leave or enter the nation, also a curfew from 6pm to 6am will be adhered too

4) No more than 3 people on list shall be able to meet in one area unless they receive permission first from the relevant security agency.

5) If suspicious activity is seen by some one on the list they shall be moved to a more secure area, it won't be all bad, they will have friends and do some work, kinda like a big camp...........

If you see something, say something..........
"Seems like another attempt to insert God into areas our knowledge has yet to penetrate. You figure God would be bigger than the gaps of our ignorance." Drafterman 19/5/12
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12/10/2015 5:43:27 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Ban all guys who changed their name but ignore that fact. Ban all guys who do not practice Christianity in the whitehouse, act out Muslim prayers, and claim to be Christian. Ban all guys who were raised by Muslims, went to school taking Islamic classes, emapthise with Muslims at every turn, condemn Christians, yet claims to be a Christian, obviously to get votes in a predominately "Christian nation".

Ban guys who do not even flinch when Muslim terrorists act out terrorism, apologize for Muslim terrorists, defends Muslims, takes no pause to figure out anti-Islamic terrorism measures, and wants to bring in 250,000 Muslim refugees while trying to disarm you and claims we can attack the subject of guns based on the actions of a minority yet declares we cannot breed fear towards Muslims based on the actions of a minority.
Ban guys who pull troops out of the Middle East just to watch two countries get taken over by extremist terrorists, then claim ISIS is no serious threat. Ban guys who say ISIS is no serious threat then after several acts of extreme terror, infers that WE are bigots and empathises eith THEM and not us.
Ban guys who wrote an anti-whits/antiAmerican book even if in his youth. Young men speak their true thoughts more recklessly.

Ban those who are worried more about climate change than a posdible inner war breaking out and all hell breaking loose. Ban guys who let ISIS go unscathed for a long period of time then wants to attack Russia if they dare do something he doesn't approve of. Ban THAT guy. AND Trump.