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Why do we need immigration?

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12/11/2015 2:12:42 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Tell me why do we need immigration. I hear tons of liberal views on it but they all are idiotic. Immigrants come here, usually poorer than the average american, and rely on welfare, social services, schools etc without providing as much in return. They often refuse to integrate into american culture and instead learn very basic english and think its enough and then surround themselves with their own culture. Then immigrants take the low-class jobs that modern american teens would normally get. Most immigrants will stay at this level forever, never rising up to better and higher positions. So they just sit in our economy, taking resources that are limited, taking jobs that are limited and necessary for economic mobility for young american citizens and refusing to integrate creating a huge drift in culture. They create jobs sure but they only hire people of their own kind or culture or other immigrants. The real level of employment for american citizens is lower than ever because immigrants take jobs and create jobs only for their own kind. Some will say that because of immigrants, they produce more labor which produce more goods which produce more capital for businesses which create more jobs but those jobs also go to immigrants. Dirty Sanchez gets a job at taco hut as a cashier, he calls his mexican buddies and they get jobs at taco hut because they will work for nothing since they are illegal. Taco hut's increased labor creates greater profits which creates more jobs but those jobs go to other immigrants that dirty sanchez and his gang of mexican illegals tell them to get because of connections. Immigration is a never ending cycle. Its time to end it now and deal with the immigrants we have in america.