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Donald Trump on anything?

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1/8/2016 6:50:42 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
Donald Trump recently campaigned in Burlington, Vermont. At this rally, since the venue was incapable of accommodating the public, it was decided that only Donald's "own" or his loyalist supporters were allowed in. If a person was not going to vote for the Donald or is still unsure, then they are turned away. I find this odd since wouldn't it make sense to gain more voters instead of maintaining? He even went as far as confiscating a protester's coat and kicking him out into the cold.

I am not from Vermont myself, but I can freely watch the debate at home. I follow a lot of the candidates to make the most informed decision, and Donald Trump's talking points are not even that great with substance. He trashes Obamacare, but comes up with no alternatives. He spends a lot of time talking about how great he is and his polling and complimenting his audience, but that does not have any substance on the issues that Americans are facing. He even find amusement in kicking out protesters and spends more time talking about them. I see quite a few Trump supporters and they can only repeat his talking points. An example is build a wall and have Mexico pay for it. Is this even practical? As far as I know, the American's tax dollars have been the resource for paying for any infrastructures.

Another talking point is the Iran Deal and how bad it is. He goes on and claims that it is a stupid deal that gave Iran $150 billion. He does not even seem to know what he is talking, among other things, but the money does not even belong to the United States so it has no relevance in the nation's debt. For the record, the money belongs to Iran, but was frozen with sanctions. The assets does not necessary value up to $150 billion either.

I see a lot of support from his people because he is able to speak his mind. To me, speaking your mind does not entail truth and facts. I find his talking points to be opinions that are far from the truth, if anything.

I have been following Donald Trump for a long time now and he seems to know how to entertain and talk a big game, I will give him that. I haven't really had an actual conversation with his supporters, but I am interested in knowing something. Why Trump 2016?