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Politics and horse racing.

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2/1/2016 4:24:42 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I had a time in my life were I was very into horse racing. It is simultaneously the sport of kings and the pursuit of derelict alcoholics. On a single day in Saratoga NY, I brushed against a woman from the Mellon family, and someone I am quite sure was associated with Tony Soprano.

Why mention this? Well, the similarities with politics are obvious. It takes a lot of diverse people, interests and tastes to get a horse around a track. Corruption happens, people are ruined, sometimes the best horse on the track looses, sometimes the mediocre horse has a good day.

Being a spectator in this pageantry is fun. Having money on it is better yet. I like closing horses. Horses that close the gap - run from behind. Betting on speed horses is like watching a race in reverse to me, I am waiting for them to give in and get caught.

Sanders is my horse in this race.

Watch this win from behind.