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Junior Doctors strike in the UK

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2/11/2016 4:43:49 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
The UK has had a system of universal healthcare for all citizens (called the nhs) funded through tax revenue for over 50 years. Statistically in the UK you have a 10% extra chance of dying in hospital on a weekend then on a weekday. This is due to lower levels of staffing and generally reduced care on weekends. The government has taken steps to reduce this problem by increasing the opening hours of doctors surgeries, introducing walk in clinics during out of working hours times and introducing new contracts for staff working in the nhs.

This has included a new contract for junior doctors that will mean they will now be required to work increased night and weekend shifts in return for a pay increase of 13. 5%. To me that seems an entirely reasonable deal. Its not as if existing salaries are small. Amazingly these doctors claim that the changes harm patient safety when clearly they Will improve patient safety. In reality these individuals are not happy with the requirements to work more out of hours shifts. If they do not like working weekends or nights they should not have become doctors working in hospitals.

Yesterday these greedy self serving individuals went on strike resulting in 3, 000 cancelled operations and surely countless unnecessary deaths. They even have the audacity to claim they are on strike due to threats to patient safety when in reality it is these individuals wanting yet more money. It is a despicable attempt to con the public into pressurizing the government into increasing their wages further. Fortunately today the government took decisive action today announcing it was going to enforce the new contract on the doctors regardless of their strike actions after 2 years of unsuccessful negotiations and the rejection by the doctors of a final set of terms offered by the government just before the strike took place.