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March 1st projections

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2/22/2016 6:45:12 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
March 1, aka 'Super Tuesday' is known as such because that is the day where both parties forgo the 1-primary-at-a-time trend and instead shotgun almost a dozen primary's all into one day. Its usually the day where low-moderate tier candidates try to break out in the pack, and where poorly functioning campaigns go to die after sputtering in the first few contests. Some states decide for both parties, while some other states are only picking for one party.

With the showdown just barely over a week away, here are the current standings in each state according to RCP. (I bolded surprising results)
(I excluded aggregates that include polls taken from months ago)

(States for both parties)

Hillary 57, Bernie 34
Cruz 34, Trump 27, Rubio 10, Carson 8, Kasich 2

Hillary 60, Bernie 26
Trump 33, Cruz 23, Rubio 13, Carson 7, Kasich 3

Sanders 48, Clinton 44
Trump 50, Rubio 16, Kasich 13, Cruz 10, Carson 4

Clinton 54, Bernie 37
Trump 28, Rubio 22, Cruz 19, Kasich 7, Carson 7

Clinton 59, Sanders 25
Rubio 23, Cruz 21, Trump 18, Carson 11, Kasich 3

Clinton 58, Sanders 32
Trump 29, Carson 25, Cruz 14, Rubio 12, Kasich 3

Clinton 57, Sanders 29
Cruz 27, Rubio 23, Trump 23, Carson 11, Kasich 4

(States for individual parties)

Clinton 55, Sanders 27

Clinton 59, Bernie 31

Sanders 86, Clinton 10

Trump 33, Cruz 25, Rubio 16, Carson 7, Kasich 3

Trump 28, Cruz 24, Carson 9, Rubio 7, Kasich 2

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2/22/2016 7:22:47 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I don't buy that Alabama is closer for Bernie than Colorado.

Granted, these aggregates aren't exactly full of multiple pollsters, so head-scratchers can be expected.
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