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Rubio Falls to New Pathetic Low

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2/26/2016 10:13:05 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Alex Conat, Rubio's stooge, is now trying to spin last night on CNN to be a real disaster for Trump. The Rubio campaign has even come up with a new word for Trump: "con man."

This is pathetic, on the level that not even Jeb Bush could achieve, because Rubio advanced nothing substantive at all. He looked like a spoiled, petulant child who is used to having his parents do everything for him from cook his meals to wiping his @ss.

Except it's not Rubio's parents that do that.... it's the lobbyists and political donors who fund Rubio's lavish lifestyle, namely, with money made from for-profit prisons incarcerating blacks and latinos en masse.