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Marco Rubio Is the Man That Must Stop Trump

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3/1/2016 5:46:07 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Marco Rubio has proven last debate that he has the most effective attacks against Trump that work. He was won every single exchange against Trump in every single debate. It wasn't just last debate that Rubio refuted him in a debate.

Trump is destroying the GOP & the conservative movement who must be stopped. When he first entered the race, he was entertaining, right about some unconventional issues (opposing TPP, etc.), & showed a new way of unapologetically embrace the stances you take.

The problem is he has no consistent principle. He never defends the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, he openly supports the Obamacare mandate & taxpayer funded universal healthcare, he supports ethanol subsidies, he supports Federal funds for Planned Parenthood, he is against states owning their own land contrary to the spirit of the 10th Amendment. Trump has no place in the conservative movement.

Marco Rubio & Ted Cruz believe in the decentralization of power, states rights, & the Constitution. They both understand that the Obama regime is a deliberate conspiracy driven by ideology that is undermining this country. That is why Rubio had to repeat that Obama knows exactly what he's doing. Nobody gets it, especially Trump, who thinks this country was destroyed by stupidity & incompetence. But he is an example of stupidity & incompetence.

Rubio used knowledge to expose the arrogant shallowness of his empty campaign based on misguided emotion with no substance.

Tonight, Marco Rubio must end Trump. And if he doesn't, he will continue to fight til the end for the sake of the Republic.
"We must raise the standard of the Old, free, decentralized, and strictly limited Republic."
-- Murray Rothbard

"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is, not to be skillfully attacked, but to be ineptly defended."
-- Frederic Bastiat