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9/11 was justified

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3/13/2016 9:38:57 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
To be clear: justified =/= should have happened and justified =/= is ok.

Now, simplifying it up a bit, this happened:
-Afghan government overthrown by communist soviet-backed Afghans, they found the Afghan democracy. They install evil communist policies (note sarcasm) such as women's right to vote, women's education rights, free education for all, more rights...
-The US sees this as evil. Back in Afghanistan, a group which has risen up against the un-democratically formed democracy. They are called the Muhajideen. One of their prominent members is a young man, from a family of successful businessmen, Osama Bin Laden. The US picks him out, and funds him, imploring him to create an anti-soviet group and a metaphorical base for the Muhajideen called Al Qaeda (literally: the base). The CIA train Osama, and they specifically teach him a few tricks, like giving him some books on "How to know if the US is going to betray you" and "How to succesfully carry out a terrorist on the US". Bin Laden discards the books, as he trusts the Americans. After all, they're helping him out and saving the Afghans.
-Now, what's in it for Osama? Not only to liberate the Afghans, but there's another term: Destroy Israel. Everyone hates Israel at this point, they've stolen Palestine, and are war-mongering terrorists.
-Bin Laden kicks out the communists. As he turns to the US and waits for them to honour they deal, they opened fire on the Afghans and invaded, in the name of "the War on Terror". They of course do not destroy Israel, but ally themselves, get in bed with them, give them millions of dollars and possibly (read as probably) teach them how to make a nuclear bomb.
-Bin Laden, obviously, condemns the US publicly and tries to politically and diplomatically talk the Middle-East out of accepting the US' help. He then talks to the US themselves, who pretend not to listen. He tries two attacks on US military generals, and both fail. America did not listen, and instead yawned and ignored him as they had for ten years. So he upped the ante.
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3/14/2016 6:19:46 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
At 3/13/2016 10:47:10 PM, Double_R wrote:
What is your point?

I second this question.
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