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Democrats, don't pay any attention to us....

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3/22/2016 4:09:21 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
The democrats are running two people for the Presidency that I have to imagine, are the two most qualified candidates who truly represent the best that the democrat party has to offer who hold the same ideologies as the party hierarchy. But for some reason the democrat party has decided to take the lime light off their two candidates for president and turn that spotlight onto the republican candidates instead.One would almost have to believe that the democrats candidates for resident have some glaring blemishes that couldn't stand too close an inspection and so the democrats are in effect saying, never mind looking at our choices to represent the country, but look over there at those mean republican candidates that the republicans are running for the presidency.
Indeed, the democrat party has decided wisely to draw attention away the best they can from their choices to represent them as the best candidates that they could muster up out of the party to run for office , of the two, one is a flaming socialist radical and the other candidate is one who was head of the State department and under her watch left the State Department looking incompetent and disgraced as a results of her being in charge of that department when the Benghazi debacle occurred leaving four dead Americans to mark her term in office as Secretary of State. If I were part of the democrat party hierarchy, I too, would do everything I could to deflect attention away from the Democrat parties choices for president , because the republican parties choices for president look pretty much like winners in that contest for president and it appears that the people agree who's party candidates they would select from for the next president and it doesn't appear to be Socialist Berni or leftist , Hillary Clinton.