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Is now the time for Libertarians to take GE?

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5/6/2016 3:14:38 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
With the parties themselves becoming more polarized than ever ( it seems as there is no middle ground left to be had between the two parties.

While that seems as though everyone is against each other could it instead mean that the middle ground is actually growing? That the parties are becoming so polarized that they are in fact disenfranchising their own voters?

According to Pew Research, there is an increase in the number of those identifying as independent (, while Rebup/Dems are both decreasing. However those who are still either Rebup/Dem are steadfast in their views and it doesn't seem that will change much from now until the general election.

In particular it seems that men are increasingly identifying as independent while woman still remain either mostly democratic or independent, with no significant decrease or increase to either. (

With this being the case, is it now the best time for Libertarians to step in and possibly take POTUS? Would Gary Johnson be the most likely to succeed among the Libertarians?