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Why Egypt avoids international arbitration...

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5/10/2016 7:05:22 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The first dispute over the region between Sudan and Egypt erupted in 1950s when the Egyptian government decided to hold elections in the area.

The step was faced with protests in Khartoum. Sudan under ex Prime Minister, Abddallah Khalil in 1950s has obstructed a move by Egypt to conduct elections in the disputed Halayeb Trianngle. President Jamal Abdel Nasir has stopped the process in compliance with Sudan"s request.
The Egyptian president, as a result has agreed to stop the process.

The foresighted Abdel Nasir has ordered the withdrawal of Egyptian presence in the region. He He took the move to shun any confrontation with Sudan which constitutes Egypt"s depth from the south.
Unfortunately, the dispute has came to prominence again with the successive Egyptian government and procrastination to avoid international arbitration over the area.
Cairo fears that international arbitration will be in favour of Sudan which possesses all official documentations.

Egypt has negotiated Israel over Tabat and Sinna, so why it has refused to follow the same measures and diplomacy with Sudan? According to analysts, the main reason is that international arbitration strip Egypt of the area.

In addition to documents that confirm Sudan"s claim is that the area , which is fertile and rich in both oil and a number of types of metals, most notably gold, is inhabited by the Beja tribe, which is purely Sudanese and the largest tribe in eastern Sudan.