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Donald Trump is too Conservative for GOP

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5/12/2016 4:26:46 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Republican leaders are lining up to say they won"t vote for Trump. This alone is a de facto, if not an actual, vote for Hillary. They effectively favor the more liberal candidate. By what measure is Hillary more conservative than Trump? E.g. a man who flip-flops on immigration is more conservative than a woman 100% dedicated to promoting immigration.

While GOP leaders point to Trump"s weakness on some conservative issues, their real problem with Trump is that he"s very conservative on the most important issue to GOP leaders. Trump has claimed over and over that was against the Iraq war from the start (even if you can quibble with some very old Trump quotes). Trump doesn"t support the GOP"s ultra-liberal foreign policy of huge government interfering in things that are none of our business -- this is a deal breaker for the GOP establishment, and the Satanic Zionists who call themselves Christian.

Republican presidents are effectively liberal on every social issue, which is why Liberals are winning on the social issues. They talk like conservatives to get elected, but they don"t fight for conservative issues in office. For this reason, government generally grows faster under Republican presidents than under Democrat presidents.