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The Washington Post Continues to Fall

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5/28/2016 5:46:52 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Ten years ago, the Washington Post was worth reading. Today, because of writers like Chris Cillizza, it goes further and further downhill. Find below an example of this phenomenon:

Chris Cillizza has been wrong on virtually everything he's said about the election so far, but, everyone (with few exceptions, one of which would be me, see generally my post history for proof) has too, so I guess it's a wash? No. It is not a wash. Cillizza is an idiot, and this post will offer five examples contained in one article as to *why* he is an idiot.

I would be embarrassed to sign my name, or even my screenname, to his garbage.

The Article's Title: "The top 5 people Donald Trump might pick as his vice president"


As of Chris knows anything about VP selection, or Donald Trump.

No. 5, Joni Ernst.

Joni Earnst is a senator from Iowa, but she does not have a bright political future ahead of her. Her days are numbered, because the people of Iowa are schizophrenic voters, as is shown by the last four presidential primaries. She is nothing more than today's Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin, who, as we all know, went nowhere fast. Here's what Cilizza ("CC") is to stupid to know: movement conservative women do not have "bright political futures" and Donald Trump is not interested in picking a woman who is a movement conservative (read: near tea bagger) as a cheap gesture to remediate his "problem with women" that other people as stupid as Cilizza have invented. The lesson? CC is an idiot.

No. 4, Bob Corker.

Bob Corker is from Tennessee who Trump recently met with. What does Corker bring to the table? Nothing that a senator from Ohio wouldn't bring, and, frankly, quite a bit less than a senator from Ohio because Ohio is a swing state, whereas Tennessee will vote solidly republican no matter who Trump picks. What CC is too stupid to understand is that Trump, a master strategist, is not going to pick someone who doesn't bring something to the table that Trump doesn't already have. Trump has Tennessee. Period. Corker can't give him Ohio or Florida. Corker is out. CC is an idiot.

No. 3, Chris Christie.

This is the first thing that CC has said so far that isn't facially idiotic, but even still, it's reaching. But what does CC write about Chris Christie? Read:

The New Jersey governor has sacrificed much to make this list. His decision to endorse Trump at a time when the establishment of the party was still very focused on beating the real estate mogul turned Christie into persona non grata with lots of his old friends. But, it also means that Christie has been by Trump's side for longer than any other elected official. And his tough-guy personality and ability to win in a traditionally blue state likely appeal to Trump. Bridgegate continues to linger, and Christie's numbers back home are atrocious, but does Trump really care?

Note that this isn't a reason why Christie would be a VP pick, it's a reason why Christie is going to be Attorney General, Secretary of State (my theory), or appointed some other prominent secretarial position or MAY even be Trump's Chief of Staff. Idk. What I do know is that Christie's political unpopularity in NJ means that Christie doesn't bring anything to the table. Oh, and Christie doesn't deliver Ohio or Florida.

The lesson? CC is an idiot who knows nothing about US politics. End of discussion... but there's more.

No. 2, Mary Fallin.

This is where CC is trying to go out on a limb on the very off chance that Trump chose this woman, he could retroactively go back and say: "Called it!" Except he didn't call it, because the chances of Trump picking Mary Fallin are about as good as I am to inherit ten billion dollars from some middle eastern oil baron. Read: not gonna' happen. But *why* it's not gonna' happen is what is important, because it is in that analysis that the real extent of CC's abject stupidity and incompetence come to light.

Noted idiot CC writes:

The Oklahoma governor isn't well-known nationally but has the right sort of profile -- conservative woman with executive experience -- that Trump needs. She also spent some time in Congress, which should appeal to Trump who has said he wants someone who knows how Washington works. Trump made waves last month when he tweeted that former South Carolina lieutenant governor Andre Bauer's (R) recommendation that he pick Fallin as vice president was "great advice."

This is embarrassing. As I read this the first time, I literally laughed out loud, and that takes a lot. It's not that the "Oklahoma governor isn't well-known nationally." It's that no one fucking_has a clue who she is, and she brings NOTHING TO THE TABLE, just like the first woman he tossed out. She has no connections with congress. Her political career and influence begins and ends in a state that was going to go right anyway (i.e. Trump already had it), and she's not even an especially good speaker. But the evidence that Trump is even considering her? Of all things, a tweet from Andre Bauer.

But who the_fuck is Andre Bauer? Andre Bauer is to South Carolina what Anthony Weiner is to New York. Sure, Trump said "great advice" in response, but the reason was because if he said anything other than that, the media would be all up his_ass calling him a sexist because he didn't consider the woman. Just because Trump is playing the game doesn't mean that this unknown politician who barely even has name recognition within her own state is going to pick her as his VP. The lesson? CC continues to be an incompetent idiot who is a disgrace to journalism.

And the last... best... and most hilariously idiotic bunch of horseshit_I have ever seen?


THE LOL's. OMG the LOL's. Newt Gingrich is as much of an establishment Republican whore as they come. Wanna talk about how much of a whore he is? Look at how his Georgian congressional district has been leeching off the government teat for as long as Gingrich has been in politics. Oh, and that is to day nothing of the fact that Gingrich cheated on his wife while his wife was dying of cancer, and that Gingrich's right hand man while he was waging war on the Clinton administration back in the 1990s was noted pedophile Dennis Hastert.

Trump wants to reign hell down on Hillary for how she was in the Bill-blowjob affair. I can hear Clinton now: Well at least my VP wasn't the Joe Paterno of the Republican party, who employed the Republican Party's own Jerry Sandusky. That is of course to say nothing of the fact that Gingrich is a disgusting slime with the personality and handshake of an eel. Nor is it to say anything of the fact that Gingrich would virtually ensure that Ohio and Florida go to the democrats. Doesn't_fucking matter that Gingrich is smart. What matters is that he'd be infinitely more a political liability than an asset. The most Gingrich brings are Georgia and South Carolina, which, once more, Trump already had.

The lesson? CC is as good of a political analyst as Hellen Keller would have been a good race car driver. CC is a total fvcking idiot.
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5/28/2016 6:16:02 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
The Washington Post, as well as various other far left media sources are constantly falling as their constant bias and lack of objectivity detracts from their popularity.
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