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Russia responded to the US statements

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6/20/2016 6:24:31 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian aircraft struck the positions that were not on the territory of the opposition. The ministry added that all actions were coordinated with the US and its coalition colleagues.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov explained that the facility that was bombed was more than 300 kilometers outside the territories claimed by the US side to be the areas of the opposition, which joined to the cessation of hostilities.

According to him, the Russian air force has acted in accordance with the previously established agreements, and advanced warning to members of the US-led coalition on the choice of ground targets to strike. Konashenkov also claims that the USA has not provided the coordinates of the action areas of groups under its control, which did not allow to take measures to clarify the actions of the Russian aviation.

According to Russian spokesman, Moscow "in the past few months, proposed to its American colleagues to make a single map containing all the relevant information on the locations of existing forces in Syria", but the proposal was declined.

A spokesman for the US Embassy in Moscow William Stevens said that Washington is demanding an explanation from Moscow regarding the Russian Aero-Space Forces strikes on the opposition forces in Syria. He said that the Pentagon is seeking "assurance that this will not happen again."