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Turkey throw Russia a challenge in Syrian air

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6/24/2016 6:59:18 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Turkey once again decided to return the lost regional leadership. Erdogan is going to go for broke and throw Russia a challenge installing air defense systems on Syrian border.
According to DefenseNews the new systems will be deployed at the Elbeyli border crossing in the province of Kilis in southern Turkey. One system to be deployed is the counter-mortar radar system, "Serhat," developed by the military-electronics specialist Aselsan, Turkey"s biggest defense company. The will work in conjunction with "Korkut," a self-propelled air-defense gun system, also developed by Aselsan.
As noted in Ankara, these security measures are necessary to protect Turkish territory from attacks of extremist group "Islamic State." Meanwhile, some rocket launchers were deployed in the region at the end of April.
Of course, this behavior of Turkey should be viewed as a challenge or a show of force. It is obvious that ISIS protection is some excuse. Erdogan is trying to show that Turkey plans to monitor an airspace not only Turkish, but also Syrian territory.
Installation of the Turkish air defense systems on the border has no relevance to fighting against terrorism. Earlier, the international community has demanded Turkey to close land corridors to the Turkish-Syrian border, but Ankara has not taken this step. Many fighters still enter Syria via Turkey.
It is obvious that the "Islamic State" has no aircraft, so installing air defense systems has a different purpose. This is a signal to Moscow and Damascus that Ankara is ready to send its air force in the Syrian airspace. After the Russian plane was shot down, Russia has deployed S-400, which took control of almost all the Syrian sky. Now Erdogan is going to press Russia.
Undoubtedly, Ankara is planning to strike at the Kurds are now settled in the north of Syria. If the Turkish Air Force will be able to fly on the Syrian territory, the Turkish army will receive support from the air, which will open for them the possibility of large-scale offensive. It is possible that the Turkish side can make a shelling of Syrian troops. If these forecasts come true, it will undoubtedly lead to an escalation of the conflict and involving Turkey into the war. Russia will also have to take tough measures against Ankara.