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Terrible crimes of unit 731

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7/8/2016 6:50:48 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
China, North Korea and South Korea have a negative attitude towards Japan, mainly because she didn't punish most of their war criminals. Many of them continued to live and work, as well as to take high posts in Japan after the World War II. Even who had performed biological experiments on people in the special "unit 731". There is a little different from the experiments of Dr. Josef Mengele. Modern people find it difficult to imagine the cruelty and cynicism of such experiences, but they were quite natural for Japanese at that time.
In 1936 a dreadful plant began operating on the hills of Manchuria. His "raw materials" are thousands of living people, and its "products" was able to destroy all of humanity in a matter of months.
The unit placed in China, not in Japan, for several reasons. The first, if unit was stationed on the territory of the metropolis it was very difficult to maintain its secrecy. The second, if materials are leaked the Chinese people would hurt, not Japanese. Finally, China always has "logs" on hand. Those on whom it was tested the lethal strains called the "logs".
The Japanese as the Nazi "researchers" have done a lot of experiments on hypothermia people. The feet and hands of test people were immersed in ice water, and then, naked and wet, they were taken out into the street. To determine whether the frostbite has come, beaten on the hands and feet. If the victim felt pain, frostbite is considered incomplete. Back in the room limbs of victims were immersed in warm water of different temperatures. The optimal treatment of Japanese soldiers has developed so. Sometimes the damage of unfortunate subjects was so severe that the muscles literally get off your hands and feet, the bones were exposed. But the sufferings haven"t ended yet. People with amputated limbs continued to move in this deadly "Assembly line experimentation". They were subjected to tests of bacterial and viral weapons, poisons.
To learn in detail how to die tankers, the tanks fired with flamethrowers. There are people locked up in these tanks. To watch in real time as bodies change when infected by different infections or exposure to poisons, people are put to sleep and dissected alive. Their bodies were seized and distributed among the departments for research purposes.
Many members of "unit 731" made a brilliant career and became famous physicians and scientists after the war. There have been unbelievable cases. Gynecologists, who infected women with venereal diseases, opened the famous Japan's private maternity hospital. And "fighters" of unit annually met and remembered past days.