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China vs NATO

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7/8/2016 6:53:41 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
American diary published data of public opinion about the growth of China's economy. High unemployment and the difficult economic situation in USA significantly reduce the impact of the United States on the global economy. As Americans believe the 20th century was the "American", but the 21st century will be Chinese. According to the poll published in the Washington Post, the majority of Americans agree with this statement.
Already a decade American strategists and prominent members of the political and scientific circles talk about the emergence of China into the strongest power in East Asia. During this period China has strengthened its economic and military power, thus opening new horizons for itself.
This situation is very problematic for US. The US sees itself as the leading power. In recent years the Americans made many efforts to limit the China military ambitions. An example of this tactic is to create a variety of military bases in the neighboring countries.
Despite that China and the US are important economic partners for each other, the US-China relations have no mutual trust and have contradictions in various fields. For example, the fighting for African oil, a conflict of interest around Taiwan, economic competition, competition for access to energy resources in the Middle East and even in the traditional area of American influence - Latin America.
Despite the geo-strategic and economic importance of the area of the South China Sea, it may become an area of struggle and confrontation between China and the United States not only for regional leadership, but also to develop into a struggle for global domination world. A territorial dispute in the South China Sea has become a test for US-China relations, says a professor of Public University of China Cheng Xiaohe. "It's bad signs for the relations between China and the United States. Especially when the two countries are trying to create the so-called new model of international relations, as Washington and Beijing's rhetoric against each other is becoming sharper", says analyst.
Relations between the US and China will inevitably lead to the loss of one of the parties, regardless of the manner in which both countries will be able to resolve the military or diplomatic conflicts.