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UK conservative party vs US republican party

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7/19/2016 9:32:31 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
I have views across the political spectrum but generally support the conservative party in the UK. Often Americans, especially left wingers assume that the conservative party is like the republican party due to its name and role as the more right wing of Britain's two main parties. However it has many differences. I'm actually beginning to think it is closer to the democrat party at present then the republican party. Especially when you consider the nominations of Trump and Clinton which underlines the shift of American politics to the right.

Here are a few areas where the conservative party takes different positions to the republican party.

1. It supports gun control.

2. It supports women's reproductive rights.

3. It supports a national health care service.

4. It supports LGBT rights, recognizing these individuals as equal citizens.

5. It separates religion and politics.

These are all big issues in the USA but are all settled issues in the UK. It is obvious to me that the republican party Is clinging to the 20th century. To gain relevance and credibility the republican party needs to embrace the 21st century and move to the left. The American electorate may be generally right wing but the republican party will not get a president in the Whitehouse until it becomes more socially liberal. The right is not where elections are won. It's the centre ground. Right now the democrats are winning that battle comfortably.