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Democrats and Plantation Politics

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7/22/2016 5:33:37 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
plantation politics: the politics of the slaves in the field were often different from the politics of the slave who got to sleep in the Big House"I mean White House." You see the slaves on larger plantations who worked in the field would often direct their angst toward the big house where their master lived." So it posed a dichotomy of loyalty when the master would artfully pick a slave to work in the big house." This slave who once was from the field, was now working in the place where their anger had once been directed, and the ultimate question is where do their loyalties lie.

It"s not a hard stretch of the imagination to believe what a quandry the slaves in the house were facing." Realize now that often times they received better food, and a better place to sleep, even better clothing, they were no longer toiling in the hot sun doing back-breaking work during the summer months, and they were protected from the elements during the winter months." The house Negro had to deal with where their loyalties lie.

But the field Negroes"ohhhh, the field Negroes"they knew where their loyalties lay." They were beholden to God and to themselves and each other." They knew where to direct their anger, it was usually at the white man who would stand on the veranda and look out over the plantation, over the legalized and systemitized economy"that kept them in bondage." Whether or not their master was a fair one (and fair by what standards) or not, the master was still overseeing and actively participating in what was keeping them in bondage.

Thus, enter the Democratic Party, the party who dangles the keys to the house in front of the black man just enough to whore itself out for votes, yet getting that carrot back from somewhere and never giving you anything from their own pocket, and in the end never actually handing over those keys...
"What Donald Trump is doing is representing the absolute heartbreak, and anger, and frustration at a government gone mad."