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Trayvon Martin's Mom=Marcus Luttrell?

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7/25/2016 1:44:44 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
"Next week, when we"re sitting at the CNN Grill in Philadelphia, we have to use the same standard when you have the Mothers of the Movement go up there, which are real heroes," said Sellers. "Because they lost their sons to unjustifiable violence at the hands of the state. So I mean, you have to be able to use that same standard, and if we do, that"s fine. I mean, I don"t mind doing that."

"Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and ideologically-aligned media and cultural figures are working with Fulton, McSpadden, and other such mothers as a get-out-the-vote strategy targeting black voters with racial agitation and grievance mongering. "

How does anyone on the left actually buy into this narrative?