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US actions in the Asia-Pacific Region

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7/27/2016 12:03:23 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Every state aims to pursue independent internal and external policy. It"s very important for every country to have Armed Forces which are able to maintain the sovereignty. The term "Arms race" appeared after Cuban Missile Crisis in 1960-s and it is still up-to-date. According to the last data published by SIPRI, the USA has the biggest defense spending in 2015.

Such spending can be easily explained by the Washington"s ambition for establishing itself as a leader in the military and political affairs in that region. Limited contingent of the US troops in Afghanistan, main patronage of NATO, internal defense spending and etc. are to approve the supremacy of the USA at the global stage.

The USA put an emphasis on global ballistic missile defense. The US military authorities plan to locate Air Ballistic Missile systems in the South China Sea, thereby it can dramatize the situation in the region. In the article, published by the Global Times on the 5th July 2016, was told "Even though China cannot keep up with the US militarily in the short-term, it should be able to let the US pay a cost it cannot stand if it intervenes in the South China Sea dispute by force. China is a peace-loving country, but it must be prepared for any military confrontation."

Moreover, China undertook a military drill from July 5 to 11 to demonstrate the power of their maritime forces. The US Administration is worried about the fact that expected in a few weeks court"s disposition of the case initiated by Philippines relative to demands of China for disputed water area can prompt Beijing to create identity air defense zone.

As for now there are high tensions between Washington and Beijing which can have bad results. Let us remember that the USA have allies in the Asia-Pacific Region and NATO"s military bases located on their territories.

The South China Sea is semi closed sea situated in the Pacific Basin between the island of Taiwan, Kalimantan, Luzon, Palawan and Southeast Asia Peninsula.

Therefore, inference should be drawn that the US prime objective in the Asia-Pacific region is to save their strategic posture to make Washington able to maintain his line of policy discrediting China. Whereas Beijing tries to save the leading position in the South China Sea, forbidding the USA and allies to take the lead in the Asia-Pacific Region.