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Russian Foreign Ministry: US dissemble about

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7/29/2016 6:54:17 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said the US proposal to suspend the operation in Syria without any explanation, whom they see moderate opposition, is an element of political guile.

"There is no truce, no regime of silence against terrorists, against those who are fighting on the side of ISIS and "Dzhebhat-en-Nusra", stating it formally or not saying there cannot be", said Ryabkov.

As is known, Washington offered Moscow a week to stop air operations in Syria, in order to separate the moderate opposition from the terrorist groups.

According to Ryabkov, the Russian side constantly tells the United States about it.
"Unfortunately, despite our efforts they haven"t taken action on the delimitation of the terrorists and the so-called moderate opposition, which they, the United States are working closely, they don"t hide it until now", the diplomat said.

"Therefore, there is at least an element of political guile. To suspend operation no explaining, whom the US sees the moderate opposition, and whom they consider terrorists is to allow the terrorists to regroup, to re-accumulate power for new shots, in fact continue this bloodbath, which has already led to the tragedy of the Syrian the people", said Ryabkov.

He stressed that Moscow has a different approach, namely, that "it is necessary to fight against the terrorists in Syria for the bitter end".

"We are in favor of deepening cooperation with the US and other partners. We cooperate with the Syrian government. This is the main condition for the desired progress in the political negotiations. Northern Syria border remains porous enough, it is necessary to block", said the deputy minister.

According to him, Moscow calls on Washington and other partners to focus on the practical solution of problems on the Syrian settlement, rather than trying to score political points by stuffing information.