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US constantly put forward new requirements

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8/3/2016 5:46:06 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Deputy Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov said there is no a speech about the true partnership between Russia and the US on Syria when Washington constantly puts additional requirements on the reached agreements.
"I want to say that we have repeatedly drawn the attention of Americans to the fact that after each successful negotiations and after reaching certain agreements, Washington immediately begins to put forward additional requirements that violate the whole balance and prevent advance", Deputy Minister said.

According to him, "this may be due to the usual American desire until the last second to knock out for itself the pros, preferences. This style has always been characteristic of our American colleagues who are willing to run for the departing train and to cling to the last second of the bandwagon to jump on it".

In addition, he said that the United States began to demand cessation of fighting terrorists in Syria, began to take shape once the real changes in this process.
"As soon as the fight against terrorists in Syria began to take shape real changes, the Americans began to use unlawful methods to require, in fact, termination of the fight against terrorists. They instead be consistent began verbally cover actions rigid opponents of the legitimate authorities in Damascus", Ryabkov said.

Ryabkov said that Moscow considers Washington's unacceptable statements that Russia passes some test of their actions in Aleppo. "Hear now from Washington signals that Russia passes some test and that the next few hours and days of operation in Aleppo many decide it is the ultimate and unacceptable tone. I think this is the usual typical Americans blackmail, an attempt to take political attack targets that they have not yet, while executing its role and function, as well as an agreement last month", Ryabkov said.