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US and Dzhabhat Fatah al-Sham

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8/12/2016 5:43:24 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Syrian newspaper "Dimashqi Al An" writes, it seems that the leader of the group "Dzhabhat Fatah al-Sham" Abu Muhammad Al-Dzhulani after he said about breaking ties with Al-Qaeda is trying to take over all the militant groups - with significant Qatari funding. According to a well-known Saudi blogger "mujtahid" (Twitter), there are great concerns among decision-makers in the Saudi leadership regarding a large expansion ambitions of the group "Fatah al-Sham", committed to Qatar, in northern Syria, despite the enthusiasm expressed by Saudis , about the implementation of the US plans in the region.
This indicates competition for leadership in the Gulf for the future of Aleppo, and American participation in what is happening in Syria will not be as low, as before. Probably the Qatari government would like to combine all existing militant groups in the north of the country in order to create a new balance "on the ground" the strength to lift the blockade of Aleppo and pave the way for new great battles under the banner of "action and reaction".
It is obvious that the Americans agree to new fighting in the south of Aleppo, using all possible means and forces of jihadist groups, which would not have been their ideology. This is due to the fact that the operation to establish control over the Kurdish troops manbij democratic forces in Syria Washington direct support until the end and did not complete successfully. American coalition, which formed part of their land base in the south of Ayn al-Arab, expects manbij tune into the equation and balance control of eastern Aleppo. Such alignment of Americans would like to present Russia at the Russian-American talks on the settlement of the Syrian crisis.
These big interests have turned the battle for Aleppo thumbnail World War II, and whoever wins it will be able to determine the fate of the remaining issues in Syria. And Americans do not want to lose in the north of Syria, as this will not only fighting, but also the political defeat: changing the balance of forces in Aleppo in favor of the United States to be used as an argument in the presidential election campaign in the fight against the Democrats with the Republicans.