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US does not want peace in Syria

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8/17/2016 6:12:30 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
"Double standards" US policy has always taken. Washington has also been double and requests from various countries. Surprisingly, it seems, want the United States to the civil war in Syria is over, and accused Damascus of worsening war. However, it turns out that the war in Syria, the United States did not intend to finish ever. The thing is that Washington does not want to see the power of Bashar al-Assad, even if any specific situations. The shift from a post-Assad - is the main task of the United States, in the exercise of their activities on the territory of Syria.
- Differences between the various departments of the United States, there are at all times, that is the Syrian campaign. Obama would like to end the Syrian crisis by the end of the presidential term, but his statements are not always in the same line. The only person in the United States, which acts consistently - is the Secretary of State John Kerry. But he has a lot of opponents. Moreover, people who work with him on it - for example, Victoria Nuland, - do not want the end of hostilities in Syria - said the head of the Center of Russian-American relations, Institute of USA and Canada Pavel Podlesny.
It turns out that the US government is willing to make certain sacrifices, just to Damascus had no success in the Civil War.
It turns out that this statement recognizes, and the ability to cooperate with the United States LIH, especially when American plans to begin to match the LIH plan.
Such intentions in the United States, allow it to operate on the aggravation of the situation in Syria. And after all this, it is possible to believe in the United States? I, too, support democracy ...
Maneuvering between the various factions is unlikely the US will lead to the fall of the Assad regime. Syrian government troops are actively supported by Russia, by different arms supplies, equipment and specialists.
Such arrangements are open. Americans interact with the various factions in the territory of Syria secretly, that once again speaks about corruption of American politics.