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Libyan scenario in Syria

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8/25/2016 6:46:58 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Americans in Syria began action against the forces of Bashar al-Assad. Justifying the defense of his special forces, the Pentagon has used the two multipurpose fighter of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor. Americans drove on Friday of the airspace over Al-Hasakah transferred two Russian Su-24 of Syria, who fought against the troops of the Kurdistan People's Self-Defense.
For information about the incident released by the Americans. The official representative of Pentagon Navy Capt Jeff Davis said that the ground forces of the US Army to protect its military special forces that were trained in al-Hasakah Kurdish militia, allegedly tried to make contact with the Syrian Air Force and channels related to aviation security. However, no response from Damascus was not followed. In connection with this incident, Jeff Davis almost immediately announced that the US strengthen the presence of its military aircraft in the area. Americans gave clearly understand that will not allow the use of air power against the units they support Kurdish police "Asayish" and self-defense units YPG, active in al-Hasakah province. In fact, these units controlled the entire north-east of Syria, including the border with Turkey.
As you know, the United States officially declared time and again that they are against the partition of Syria, but their actual actions associated with attempts to enter the no-fly zone in Al-Hasakah, tell a different story.