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10/5/2016 1:02:12 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Just wrote a rant for an assignment. I noticed it was some of my good work and decided to share it here. Bon appetite.

They just want to sound right. What is morally right is far more important than what is legally right. Why did we come to america? Why did we abolish slavery? Why do we fight terrorism and remove dictators from power? If you don't believe this then you don't believe in what america is based on. Now this guy, morally, should not be punished but would be legally. What should he have done? He fears for his life and for doing the right thing? That is very, very wrong. He did a good, noble, and selfless act and should not be prosecuted in any way but is.That is messed up. If something bad does something good it is never the answer. There are other ways. Say we have a crime detector that predicts 999/1000 criminals correctly. What about that single person? That person is innocent. A basic belief of americans is that we would rather set 1000 guilty free that convict a single innocent person. The conviction of Edward Snowden directly contradicts this. It is not right for Snowden to face the consequences of his actions, which by the way did not affect terrorism. We are a moral nation, not ever should we be ethical. Logos transcends ethos.