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Mike Pence accused of voter suppression

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10/15/2016 12:12:44 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
On Oct. 4, one week before the state"s deadline to register to vote, state police raided the Indianapolis office of the Indiana Voter Registration Project, seizing computers, cellphones and records

It's estimated that 45,000 people, most of them African Americans, might not be able to vote on Nov. 8 because their applications were seized during the raid.

"They singled out one African American male, put him in handcuffs," says one woman. "They lined us up against the wall, treated us like criminals," says another woman.

Patriot Majority USA, which is affiliated with the Senate Majority PAC, a super PAC backing Democratic candidates for the Senate stated: "Indiana state police recently shut down our state"s largest voter registration program. This police raid was under the leadership of Republican Gov. Mike Pence. Now 45,000 citizens, almost all African Americans, could lose the right to vote."
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