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The Founding Fathers predicted Trump

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11/10/2016 5:17:32 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
The Founding Fathers had predicted a person like Trump coming into office; that's why they provided for an appointed President, NOT a popularly-elected one. Alexander Hamilton had indicated in the Federalist 68 that the appointment of electors by the State Legislatures was designed to create a buffer to absorb the temper and emotions of the people, which would provide a safeguard against persons trying to win over the people using lowly arts of trickery and demagoguery.

Second, and IMO, having a popularly-elected President only seeks to legitimize the increasing expansion of federal power. In an ideal world where the Federal Government plays only a small role as defined by Article I, Section 8, why would the President need to campaign to win votes? Or why should Congressmen be elected every two years? I understand the benefit of frequent rotation in office at the State level where the States exercise more powers.

I want forum members to ask themselves this: would you be willing support reforms to make the presidency an unelected and appointed office? I know that this is undemocratic and is more of a hypothetical; it's also true that this recent election has proven that democracy can create such resentment for the person elected, and an erosion of trust in the system.