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US and jupan policy in the Asia-Pacific regio

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11/24/2016 6:00:14 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
The Asia-Pacific region is of the utmost importance for the maintenance of peace and security. Here is of the interest of USA, Japan, Russia and China. How the main problem of humanity, problem of war and peace, will settle, depends largely on the system of international relations are prevailing in the region.
Duality characterizes U.S. foreign policy in the Asia Pacific region. On the one hand, they have always pursued a policy of active expansion of its influence in all regions. On the other hand, the US tries to shift some efforts on their partners to protect their own positions. The U.S. tries to strengthen the dependence of Japan. In particular, the US encourages that Japan develops in the field of conventional arms. Thus, they retain sole control in the field of "nuclear umbrella", one of the most important points of the military-political union of the United States and Japan.
The relations with Japan are of paramount importance for the United States. USA made many concessions in the economic field for further strengthening of military-political relations.
Both countries currently continue to expand their influence in the region. But if Japan primarily tries to use economic leverage, the United States constantly strengthen their political positions, sometimes even meddle in the internal Affairs of third countries.
It is possible in time the interests of the United States and Japan in the Asia Pacific region will face. Despite good bilateral relations and the security Treaty, it is possible that each of these countries will act in their interests.
Today reliable Japan turned into America's wayward ally. She says about a more "equal partnership" and a less servile attitude towards the United States.
Summing up, it is worth saying that, despite all the contradictions, the U.S. needs Japan to control the Asia-Pacific region. Japan needs America to confront the threats from emerging China, North Korea, and to resolve differences with Russia.