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Mosul Update

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11/29/2016 5:13:56 AM
Posted: 1 month ago
The battle still rages on 6 weeks after its initiation.

Reportedly 1,000 ISIS fighters (of estimated 5,000-6,000) have been killed. Roughly a quarter of the city is under coalition control on the eastern side. Due to the high civilian concentrations coalition forces are not using heavier artillery and taking the city remains a greater challenge as expected because one objective is to keep civilian casualty rates low. However roughly 600 civilians have been killed so far. ISIS is putting up a unprecedented amount of resistance utilizing tunnels around the city.

Shite militias have cut off the western part of Mosul from Syria.

So far only more elite troops are making progress into the city, whereas Iraqi troops are still on the outskirts ill equipped and untrained for urban combat. There have been many reports of suicide car explosions which allied forces are dealing with by destroying roads and bridges.

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11/29/2016 12:07:06 PM
Posted: 1 month ago
And what they (abc,Reuters, NBC, fox) aren't telling you...

A private financier who paid to have the 3000 strong Nineveh guard, trained by turkey named khamis khanjar is at odds with the Iranian trained hashid al-shaabi.

As most could guess, the Turk trained are Sunni and the Iranian trained are Shia. Both sides are wanting to enter now and the Sunni faction is warning of 'dire consequences' if the hashid al-shaabi enter. All while the Iraqi army stay out of the fight with the us trained cts (counter terrorism service) doing the urban clearing.

Of course we are being asked to broker a deal between the 2 by mr khanjar. The reason that is, he alleges, concerns the Iraqi central government is Shia dominated.

Meanwhile the peshmerga don't like either. And Turkey is telling al-shaabi to stay out as well.