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President Obama angry at Fox News

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11/30/2016 2:32:16 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
President Obama is angry that in most bars and restaurants in the country, that they are showing Fox News on the TV. Well, perhaps if your Democratic party was a national party that represented The People it wouldn't be that way!!!

Instead,.. the Democrats are an east or west coastal Party! That county by county election result map clearly shows how insignificant the Democrats are to grass roots rural America

When you are an elitist corrupt party like the get despised by a large portion of the nation. The two party system is mostly despised by the nation.... that's why Trump won,...they wanted change

Let's face it the Republican Party is no saint and has faults as well,...but the Democratic Party is mostly done... it is imploding and will most certainly morph into something else,..probably some Frankenstein radical socialist party

To be fair is Fox news biased and conservative right? Yes, obviously but they have often been very critical of Trump. Journalism and news reporting is just an entertainment and drama show now days... it is very limited to just facts

I don't think any news station reports just facts anymore. It's all being used by powerful political figures to push their agenda. Media has become completely a platform to push political agendas... and facts are secondary

This election clearly exposed it all to those who were not aware,... now they know