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allah victory over brutal occupying kids

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3/12/2011 11:43:03 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
WASHINGTON D.C. (ANS) — A human rights organization has learned that members of the Somali Islamic radical group, Al-Shabaab, killed a Christian convert from Islam in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. The killing occurred on Jan. 26. Another Christian convert escaped from Al-Shabaab's detention on Jan. 29. According to International Christian Concern (ICC), the Islamists killed Abdirahman Hussein Roble after accusing him of spying and promoting religious discord by evangelizing Muslims. ICC said two eye witnesses notified Abdirahman's widow and relatives about his murder on Feb. 9. Abdirahman, who converted to Christianity in 2009, was the father of two children. He is the twenty-fourth Christian to be killed by the Somali Islamists since 2009. Another Christian convert from Islam escaped from a makeshift detention center run by Al-Shabaab. ICC said Hassan (name changed for security reasons) was arrested on Jan. 8 in the Afgoye district of Somalia. He was repeatedly interrogated about his faith and ministry. Hassan escaped while the Islamists were attending evening prayer. Hassan is the first Christian to escape from the hands of the Islamists. ICC said Al-Shabaab is an al-Qaeda linked organization known for enforcing a strict version of Sharia law by stoning adulterers to death, cutting off the hands of thieves and murdering Christian converts from Islam. According to ICC sources, Al-Shabaab is losing broad support in Somalia due to its brutality. "Al-Shabaab's unrestrained Islamic fundamentalism must be condemned by the international community, especially by the moderate Islamic community," said ICC's Regional Manager for Africa, Jonathan Racho, speaking in a news release.
the most important source for muslim Arabs:

"And thereafter We [Allah] said to the Children of Israel: 'Dwell securely in the Promised Land. And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd'.".

- Qur'an 17:104 -

Any sincere muslim must recognize the Land they call "Palestine" as the Jewish Homeland, according to the book considered by muslims to be the most sacred word and Allah's ultimate revelation.

Ibn Khaldun, one of the most creditable