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I have no problem explaining evil. Do you?

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3/25/2011 12:31:38 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I have no problem explaining evil. Do you?

This will explain the presence of evil for you if you recognize that you are an evolving creature.

I am a religionist who does not follow or believe in Bible God but in a sense, the Bible, if read right, shows God as doing evil so it can be said from it's POV that we are truly made in God's image. perhaps the ancients recognized this and we have forgotten. Perhaps that is why their invented God has such an evil streak. You have to read the Bible with blinders on if you can read it and not see the times where God acts in a purely evil way.

As to natural disasters, they are just that. They are not evil at all. For something to be called evil or a sin, it must have evil intent and nature has no intention. It just does what it does thoughtlessly and without emotion. No evil there.

I have no problem with explaining evil in man as well. God or no God.

We are evolving creatures and animals. Animals, as they evolve have only two choices they can make while living. Cooperate or compete. Cooperation can be seen as good and competing can be seen as evil. That is how we normally see things.

We also have no choice in this. We will and have to do one or the other and we usually do some of both every day whether we realize it or not.
This was also recognized in the past although they did not see evolution the way we see it today. They were right in saying that all men are born with evil in them but the religious accentuate the evil and not the good because evil brings in more $$$ and creates a dependence on the clergy as our $$$ are supposed to buy us forgiveness and a slot in heaven.

Religions, for this cause are unconscionable. God will send their hierarchies to hell for their actions.

Oops. there is no hell. Oh well. Perhaps they will get what they deserve here on earth.

Now. Knowing how evolution works, do you still have a problem with explaining the presence of evil?