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Is hell a good place?

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8/27/2011 2:57:09 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Is hell a good place?

We cannot know how the first iniquity demonstrated itself but we can know that rebellion begins with questioning the status quo.

The moment God was questioned in any way, he responded with an evil punishment.
Evil as I class it in any case. He does not tolerate anyone doing their will, if it does not comply with his will. Obey or else. Not quite what scriptures say he should be doing.

Romans 12:21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

It would seem that God let himself be overcome by evil and responded with evil. Or evil must be good. God created the first division in his once united kingdom.
It appears that God does not follow his own good advise. Or does he? If God was following his WORD, then hell must be a good place somehow.
Strange but true.

Are their any theists who would like to show how this is not back sliding?
That is of course, a rhetorical question as back sliding cannot be denied.

Was God overcome by evil?
Did God follow his literal WORD or not?
Should we?

Is hell a good place or is Gods WORD worthless since he himself ignores them and breaks his own laws?