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8/28/2011 1:10:30 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Seriously unserious about being unseriously serious.

Ask away, I'll try to make it easier to understand....

....Even if it defeats the purpose of it.

What many might not realize, is that it is a very scientific and philosophically solid "religion" if you could call it that.

Though it masks a lot of its deeper messages with absurdities and dadaesque type humor, there is a deeper meaning to it all. Unfortunately, the deeper meanings tend to escape those who are not already familiar with certain aspects of reality.

It is often dismissed as a joke, but an understanding of chaos theory and even certain eastern philosophies will help it make more sense.

While I do realize the futility of it, as it is either a "you get it or you don't" type of "religion"(if you can call it that), I'm here to answer questions in a lucid and sensible manner that will hopefully appeal to those who are a little more serious(and thus mentally ill) about the matter.

To give those wondering a head start, I would recommend reading...

While it may come across as stupid, foolish, nonsensical, etc. to most, this is as intentional as the absurdities contained within the respected Zen tradition. It is the same thing, only a bit more contemporary. In time, Discordianism will become as meaningless and pretentious as Zen has become among westerners. But the message is truly deep, and one that will lead to enlightenment.

Now, I did not reach enlightenment through Discordianism.. But I fully endorse it as an enlightened book of enlightening enlightenment. I say this, because by claiming to be enlightened, it makes me pretentious, which if not looked as being pretentious, gives me authority.

Assume that I am the enlightened Discordian master, and ask me your retarded questions. I will attempt to educate you the best that I can, even though deep down I know that you are the only one who can really find out these things. It is an exercise in futility, but I'm an egotistical wanker, so give me the chance to clear up some misconceptions in an uncharacteristically serious way. It's only because I'm drunk, I swear.
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