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The only thing greater than God.

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10/25/2011 2:46:37 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
The only thing greater than God.


Religion and God were invented to free man. Not enslave him.

The man in that top clip is showing God the only thing greater than God. A human being.
Man is God's evolutionary Master. We brought him from barbarism to civilization.

Without Us, there is no God. Man is who gives God life. The concept, the reality, the imaginary reality, useless and useful speculation of God, all will have been like they never here without man.

God is man's creation, be it the word itself or the concept or WORD as some believers say it.
To our knowledge, there are no other intelligences able to speculate or have any kind of notion of God as a concept, reality or myth.

Animals know their God. God as their perfect example and role model that is.
It is always one of their own. I do not think that they have the ability to assign moral values to it. Only Mankind can do such with our higher intellect.

God is in our image and we in his.
Without man, God dies because he can only live within the consciousness of man.
This is irrefutable at this point in time. God may be the one we put as head but without the body Man, he ceases to be. Him and all notions of a God.

Religions have denied Man his heritage by having us forget that we choose God. He does not choose us. When will you people recognize that you are WsIP--WorksInProgress-- junior gods and part of your duty to yourself and mankind is to elect yourselves a new and true God.

How will you know he is a true God ?
You will name him so and give him power and dominion over the only thing greater than himself. Yourself.

God is dead. Long live God.
A man.


P. S.
First step.
Joseph Campbell shows the way.