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getting a large and small church.

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10/26/2011 12:25:56 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
some people like going to large Mega churches. the anonymity is more comfortable when your just another face in the crowd to them.
other people like small church's were you can get closer with other members of the church, and the pastures can afford to give more attention to you.

They both are usually agreed to have pro's an con's a organizational structure for the church. But I've been reading up on this one guy, Mike Slauter and his church in ginghamsburg.

Its a Mega-church by all rights but it retains the small church feel to it because of how it divides into 'cells'
These cells are made up of 12 people (like the disciples) who can grow in a much closer relationship with each other as small group. they worship together apart from the main church, they serve together in community service, and they can even act like a AA group in that agreement to not disclose whats said in the group to give accountability to each other and support over there common goal to quit sin.

This idea is not totally new, in fact this method was how my church the 'Methodist' got started when it was just a movement within the Anglican church.
John Wesley had people mean in Bands, really small groups that seems just made for confessing sin to each other, then a slightly larger group as big as Mike Slauters 'Cells' of 12 people but these were called classes. and then several classes would make up the 'society' which for all purposes is what we would think of a regular full church. you didn't get to worship with the society if you were in a class but not baptized. classes were for those still considered in the stages of previenent grace were you are learning the basic good news. the society was the lowest level of the structure that shared communion. Becoming part of the full church came with expectations back then, you couldn't just show up and take communion wit them, you had to show you were already part of the body by going through baptism.

Slaughters church has a certain degree of selectness too in letting people become members. It's a large commitment to be able to call yourself part of them.

I was wondering if any of the other Christians here thought this organizational structure would be a good one to try and get back to with in modern times, copy at least to a degree Slauters suite with forming 'Cells' within a church. or even take it farther to the smaller groups within the Cells like the 'Bands' in the early Methodist movement.
I think small churches right now would not logistically be able to transition into a system like this without a large number of there members being fairly active and a large spurt in church growth as they try the change.
But as for churches that are Mega-churches right now, I think its a change they should institute right away.
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