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God - Mathematics Intrinsic to the Universe

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11/22/2011 8:43:45 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
After several Discussions with several people, they each claim that Math is just a description of the universe and not Intrinsic to the Universe.

I want to take issue here and explain the difference with a language and Math.

Math is a proven Object not a language in the following ways. It however, it is not a physical object, but a metaphysical object.

Like an object it has inherent properties that are unable to be changed.

We can look at these basic properties. These properties are the basis for the mathematicians perspective on sentience.
We believe that a proof of sentience is understanding basic mathematics.
The reasoning is that once they understand the language of the universe, they are more than merely machines. They have a transcendent quality.

Everyone is certain that mathematics is the universal language. No matter what planet an alien will understand mathematics with the same understanding.

We do not invent math, we discover it. (There are certain kinds of "math" that are not intrinsic we are not discussing those forms).

Here are some of those properties that are instrinsic.

1: Commutative property of Addition and Multiplication
Like an object this is an intrinsic property that we cannot change. In a language we can change the rules as we go. This rule is outside of us and inherent in the universe.

2: Order of Operations
Here again, not something we can just change.

3: Reduction property
We see that we can even digit sum all forms of basic mathematics with a clear pattern emerging.

Without being longwinded you can spend a bit of time just considering these things and realise this is literally the "language of the universe".