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No love in Eden without the knowledge of good

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12/2/2011 8:15:16 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
No love or desire in Eden without the knowledge of good and evil.

Love that is returned is true and good love.
Love, like faith, if not expressed in works and deeds, is dead.

Love that is not returned we do not call evil but it is certainly not as good as love that is returned and shared. Let me call it evil then as compared to good. It misses the mark.

Love then is subject to the qualifiers of good and evil and without any knowledge of good and evil, love cannot exist.

An example of this lack of emotion is shown in this clip.

I see life without the knowledge of good and evil, a moral sense in other words, as mankind just being like any other animal on this earth.

Is it possible that the myth of Eden was initially invented to indicate the birth of mankind's emotional awakening to love, hate, and all of our other emotions?

God is spirit.
Is it possible that without eating of the tree of knowledge, developing a moral sense and the emotions that drive it, becoming spiritual the way God is, as confirmed by God himself who said that mankind had become as Gods, A & E would have just remained as blissfully dumb as other animals?

Did they and we have to eat of it to become fully human?

Would any of us be silly enough to NOT have done exactly what A & E did and reject this great accomplishment and gift for mankind?

Would you reject the ability to love?