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Is God using humans to reproduce appropriate

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12/22/2011 2:56:33 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Why does God use humans to reproduce?
Is God using humans to reproduce appropriate reproductive conduct?

All other known entities, except for God, use their own to reproduce.
One would think that an almighty God could find his own woman and reproduce purely instead of fathering a half breed hybrid.

The reality, mythically speaking, of Ashera, God's wife, indicates that God was using inappropriate reproductive methods.

He in fact coveted another man's woman, Mary. Breaking his own commandment.

Any other time that a human would do as God did, we would brand his child a bastard and have a few choice labels for the father as well. Christians would brand him a sinner yet we praise God for the same sin.

In Jesus's case, we somehow respect Jesus the chimera half breed even though he was a product of inappropriate reproduction. Some would also call it bestiality if they see God as one species and mankind as another.

We see God coveting, we see him using another man's wife, and we see God abandoning the child he later will use as a ransom and condemn to death.

Were these conditions appropriate for God to reproduce or was it inappropriate?