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Who, other than a man, ever put voice to the

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1/21/2012 4:05:07 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Who, other than a man, ever put voice to the will of God?

We are told that we will be judged at the end of our lives. Judged by a God who will torture us forever in hell if we happen to not believe properly and follow his rules. This judgement will come even as we never get full disclosure by a God who hides from us.

We are as some say, to choose heaven or hell, God or Satan, without having full knowledge of the conditions.

We are to believe that bible God is our real God yet that God is arguably a genocidal son murdering God. He is more akin to Satan than what any moral God would be.
All that we have in the way of information has been written by men.

Who other than a man ever put voice to the will of God?

For peace and stability, within religions, and possibly the world, a new man must be found to represent God within the various religions. Let us thank God that man has forsaken the Christian God as a lawmaker and ignore his barbaric laws.

That being the case as all believers have ignored or scrapped the Abrahamic bible God's laws, since they do not live by them, should believers not elect a new God as scriptures indicate is supposed to happen at end times?

God was a human invention to begin with
Should we not seek a new modern God who does not have the evil baggage that the current God has?

Our laws are certainly better than any God's so it seems to me that we should elect a new God based on current law and not the draconian immoral laws of the old Gods. God has always been represented by a man. We should return to that system while recognizing that God has always been a myth.