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Thanks ConservativePolitico

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1/29/2012 11:24:33 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
At 1/29/2012 10:41:31 PM, ConservativePolitico wrote:
Firstly is not a declaration.. its a question? I am testing out the model. To see if it can hold up to critism. Maybe it will maybe it won't.

With what justification do you modify the clear and obvious claim made here to something declaration.

Secondly you have to get around the problem of who is ignorant, is it me or you,
because if we don't understand it. It will always appear jumbling like the end of a complex math book in a class you just started.. That is, as you learn through a math or logic course the end of the text appears less and less jumbling. How are you accounting for such a confound in your analyse? What is your motivation to write something from an past debate in this forum?
"The bud disappears when the blossom breaks through, and we might say that the former is refuted by the latter; in the same way when the fruit comes, the blossom may be explained to be a false form of the plant's existence, for the fruit appears as its true nature in place of the blossom. These stages are not merely differentiated; they supplant one another as being incompatible with one another." G. W. F. HEGEL