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Survey of natural theology arguments

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2/19/2012 4:42:11 PM
Posted: 6 years ago

Despite agreeing with the finding that the argument from evil is heads above all other arguments in this area, the results do seem heavily skewed in favour of atheism. Most of the "arguments" for atheism don't seem to me to arguments at all, but merely rejoinders to theistic arguments (e.g. poor design). Also, how divine hiddeness languishes in 4th place beyond me. If atheists really had 3 better arguments than this, I'd suggest theists were wasting their time. We don't, and they aren't.

On the theist side, the arguments are better listed, with the cosmological, design, ontological and moral arguments making the top 4. This seems to be pretty reflective of what theists in the field would consider their strongest arguments to be.

All in all, the study seems highly questionable to me, probably as a result of non-specialized atheist philosophers dismissing theistic arguments prematurely.