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Religious freedom?

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2/29/2012 7:21:31 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
We need religion to enforce the unenforceable laws of society.

Above is one of the corner stones of a very dangerous group of Americans. I shall examine why it is dangerous and how and why these people abuse individual beliefs.

In the United States specific religious doctrine are NOT to be made law for everyone, so as to protect religious liberty. The Doctrine of "Shall not use contraception" is part of a religious system. Using contraception is acceptable in many religious systems, ergo it is permitted in the US and you are free to not use if you wish. Contrast with China where one child is the Maximum.

In law an unenforceable law does not exist. There are laws we choose to ignore, no spitting, for the most part, but ALL are enforceable should the Police decide to arrest, Prosecutors prosecute, and the people choose conformity over liberty, (see anti-smoking and soon anti fat)

When a group, or a corporation, wants to sell the masses on the wisdom of its product or idea the method is the same. First, rename. A well-known example would be Prohibition. Those opposed to temperance, a rather nice sounding term, renamed it prohibition. The negative connotations of prohibition allowed for wide acceptance of their term without much thought. Same too for temperance movement, family values, MAD, etc. It is the oversimplification of a complex issue without regard for the consequences.

If a group wants to change the constitutional principle of religious liberty making religion the foundation for law they must first rename and redefine the issue. Thus we get "separation of Church and State" to "religious freedom". Neither of these terms are found in the Constitution, however both serve a very specific purpose. In using the word separate the mass populace thinks that anything "religious" is apart from anything governmental. The most obtuse knowing not what religious or governmental mean. In changing to religious freedom it allows for the incorporation of THEOLOGY in Courts, Laws and Policing in an affirmative way.

Religious freedom is a term for those ignorant of US Constitutional law and the Enlightenment principles which gave US our Constitution. People are free to practice their religion, the religion is not free. Anyone may practice their religion; they may not force it or its requirements on others. Inasmuch as it is impossible to have every religion represented in the three branches of government, none shall be, making reason the determiner not faith.

Caution, the proclaimers of "religious freedom" are dangerous and enemies of our republic and must be opposed by left, right and center.